Choose a battery that complies to technical performances required by car manufacturer. This will avoid battery overstressing and span life shortening.

For a good functioning of your battery first you should check device voltage on your car. The voltage should be within 14-14,4V. Outside these limits you should adjust it properly. Check the electrolyte density; battery needs a recharging if the density is lower than 1,24g/cm³


Wet charged batteries should be stored in dry, covered, ventilated places, with temperature between 5 and 30°C and humidity lower than 80%, protected from heat and sun. Battery should be recharged according to “Recharging Instructions” chapter after a shelf storage of:

Premier Tornada Cyclon Terra, Terra Pro Terra 2S
6 months 6 months 6 months 2 months 2 months

Bateriile se vor reincarca dupa metoda descrisa la capitolul "Regimul de reincarcare". Depozitarea bateriilor la temperaturi peste 30°C reduce dramatic durata maxim admisa de depozitare fara reincarcare. In acest caz se va controla lunar tensiunea la bornele bateriei, iar in cazul scaderii tensiunii sub 12.4V bateria se va reincarca.


During exploitation should be checked the electrolyte level at least once a year for TORNADA PLUS  once in 9 months for PILOT, once in 3 months for TERRA PRO, TERRA PLUS and TERRA. Electrolyte level should be 26 ± 2 mm over the plates for all types of batteries.

A lower electrolyte level could be adjusted only by adding distilled water, never sulphuric acid or tap water.

Recharging instructions

A battery must be recharged when:

  • it is discharged more than 25%
  • the storage period is expired (see “Storage” chapter)

Major riskRisk Alert Accepted
State of charge (%) 25 50 75 100
Open circuit voltage (V) 12 12,3 12,55 12,8
Electrolyte density (g/cm³) 1,16 1,20 1,24 1,28


  • To avoid the electrolyte leakage the batteries should be stored, shipped and mounted in normal position of use.
  • Open flames or sparks near the battery mounted on the car during recharging process are forbidden. EXPLOSION DANGER!

Fixing board

Fixing board B00 - Fixing board B01
Fixing board B03 Fixing board B13

Terminal type

Terminal type 1 Terminal type 3

Cell layout

Cell layout 0 Cell layout 1
Cell layout 3 Cell layout 4